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Jay Paterno’s Eulogy to his Father – Public Memorial for Joe Paterno

Delivered: January 26, 2012, State College, Pa

He lived his large life nobly, never blindly chasing success defined by the world's ever-changing values. His values and goals remained as rock across the decades. He never sought celebrity. Here was a man for whom fame was accidental. But fame and power never touched his soul. In the end, he takes integrity with him forever. …

As we prepare to leave here today, we must continue to celebrate the life of Joe Paterno. Among the things he accomplished in his life, it was the games he won that counted the least. It was as a son to his parents, a husband to his wife, a father to his children, an uncle, a brother-in-law, and when -- what often seemed to be a -- his crowning achievement in his life, as a grandfather to 17 grandchildren.

But it went beyond that. He became a father, a coach, a mentor to countless others. Young men came from around this country -- from different races, different creeds, socioeconomic backgrounds -- and came to play football for him, but also to learn about life.

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